Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Frequently Asked Questions 


How can I get a hold of you?

We are open Sunday-Saturday 24 hours. You can contact us at, or use the chat. Please allow 24 hours for response. 

I have a promo code, how do I use it?

All promo codes must be used at the time of checkout by the customer. If you have a promo code specific to you the email must match that is on file. Our system will not allow us to manually adjust the cost of orders placed. 

Why can’t I add an item to my cart?

The item may be sold out completely or in the size that you want. Check back our site or instagram to know when the item has been restocked.

What is my order number & Where can I find it?

You are given a unique order number to identify your purchase made with us. Your order number is located in all emails that you have received from our company, including your order confirmation. Please reference your order number upon contacting us about your order.

What method of payment we accept?

We accept any major credit/debit card. You may choose the option you would like to use at checkout!

Why won't my discount code work?

Have you entered the code correctly? Codes are case sensitive, try copying and pasting the code code into the Promo Code box just before checkout. 

    • Expiry Date: Check the DATES and terms of conditions of the discount code to make sure the offer is still valid 
  • Eligible Items: On occasion we offer discount codes for selected items only and will be stated in the terms of conditions of the discount code. 
  • Unique Codes: These are one time use codes. These codes will be posted on our instagram page at random. These codes cannot be combined with other discount codes 

    • UNFULFILLED: You just placed your order: your status will be in AWAITING FULFILLMENT until your order has been processed by our accounting department.

    • FULFILLED: Your order has been successfully processed and sent to our shipping facility. At this point, no changes can be made to your order.

    • COMPLETED: This status does not mean your order has been delivered. It means we have entirely processed and shipped your order from our facility. Please reference your tracking number for estimated delivery date.

    • CANCELLED/REFUNDED: In the case that our items happen to sell out very quickly due to such a high demand and on occasions, the items you have ordered can suddenly become unavailable. If an item in your order sells out, we will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the cancellation of your order. If your order contains additional items, we will dispatch the rest of your order and refund the out of stock item. In other cases, if the billing information and shipping addresses cannot be verified through our merchant your order may be cancelled. In this case, you will need to try replacing your order using an alternate payment method.


    What carrier do you ship with?

    We ship with all domestic orders with all major carriers.  All international orders will be shipped using all major shipping companies available for the country.

    I need my order fast! Do you offer expedited shipping?

    We offer expedited shipping on all domestic orders. All Next Day, 2 Day & 3 Day pricing will be calculated at checkout.

    When will my order ship?

    All orders are shipped 1-2 business days after processing! Unless expedited shipping has been requested. All orders placed on Friday after 3pm will be processed and shipped within the next 2 business days.


    Do you provide return labels?

    We do provide return labels upon request. Return labels will be emailed to the address the order was placed with.  

    I just received my package and I need to return/exchange, how do I do so?

    Please visit our returns & exchanges page.

    My return tracking number states that you have received my package into your facility, why haven’t I been contacted?

    It usually takes about 3- 5 business days to process your returned package.You will be contacted shortly after

    Hopefully we answered your questions but if we didn't and you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at